Have you ever faced these kind of situation in your lives?

  • You read a good article and want to take note of it.
  • You draft an idea for project/homework/work and need to re-edit a lot.
  • You are planning for traveling/working/to do.
  • You wish to store all your relevant documents in the same place for easy comparing.
  • Just have a thought and need to record your thoughts (handwriting, audio, or video).

I used to save my files in word documents, but the file management is so hard. I can’t find the material I want in a short period of time once the number of my file exceed a certain amount.

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“Premature optimization is the root of all evil.” – Donald Knuth

I like what Dr. Knuth said about optimization. Currently in my life, I don’t have too much time or too many choices to do optimization in lots of my situations. Because I lack a solid CS foundation (you can read the story here), I learn new stuff mostly when I face a challenge. Even though I really wish I could have taken CS classes or done some related projects, I do enjoy this “Just in time learning process.”

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To be honest with you, I have a degree…but not in a computer science related area.

Even though I have a bachelor degree in Chemistry and master degree in Environmental Science, I didn’t take any computer science class at school. Each time I look into my past, I wonder why I didn’t take a computer science class when I had a chance. Well, I guess this is life! Computer science was here all the time, waiting for me to discover it…

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