I joined Facebook in January 2017 as a Rotational Software Engineer. You might wonder what a Rotational Software Engineer is. A Rotational Software Engineer, as its name shows, rotates two teams in a year. You can check our official page for how the program works: Facebook’s Rotational Engineering Program. Business Insider has an article about the awesome colleague Candace Zhu’s journey: Facebook rejected her application the first time — now she’s part of a new initiative on how Facebook can step up its hiring practices .

I, along with some of my cohorts, got featured on the Facebook Engineering blog when we were half way through of our 1 year program: Accelerating growth through Facebook’s Rotational Engineering Program. As I approached the end of my one-year term, I spoke on the phone with candidates who received offers from the program to demystify the program through my experience.

From left: Lucy Barron, Angel Gomez, Brian Hsu. Feature in the Facebook Engineering Blog Post.
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