Great resources for mastering AngularJS

Since I started working as software engineer at SolarCity, I’ve been using AngularJS a lot. This article summarizes the useful articles for AngularJS.


How to get started (Part 1 of the AngularJS – from beginner to expert in 7 steps series)- Great article to help you learn Angular step by step if you don’t know Angular yet.


Angular Style Guide: I always mis-match the John Papa’s style guide with Papa John’s Pizza…You might find me saying Papa John’s style guide and John Papa’s Pizza sometimes…Anyhow, John Papa’s Angular Style Guide is definitely the Bible of Angular style guide. If you are new to Angular, please definitely check this for the best practice of Angular.
AngularJS performance & production tips: Very organized tips for better Angular App performance.

AngularJS 1.x WGW (What Goes Where) guide: New to Angular, and get confused sometimes for not knowing to use which component? This guide tells you the use case and the where the codes need to live.


AngularJS’ Internals In Depth: Understand how scopes work and how directives behave.


Great resource to get the best AngularJS content on the web every week.


If you know any good resource to understand AngularJS better, please share with me. Thanks.

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