Hack Reactor Life – Week 1

This past week flew by like an arrow. I just completed Hack Reactor week 1 (wohoo)! There are lots of stuff I learned from this past week. Here is the quick review of what I experienced in week 1.

1. Awesome people: People at Hack Reactor are super cool. From lecturers, staff, to seniors and same cohort peers, everyone is so passionate and caring. The energy in the environment really motivates me to be as awesome as others.

2. Great lectures: The classes covers computer science concepts like data structure, recursion, debugging, and jQuery. We also touch programming best practices. Lots of good stuff! I really enjoy learning all these topics.


3. Pair- programming: Every two days, I partner up with a peer to solve coding challenges. One person serves as navigator while the other is the driver. The navigator tells the driver what to type. Each person rotates between navigator and driver roles. The navigator needs to think up the solution and also clearly communicate the codes to the driver. The driver, on the other hand, not only needs to type, but also understand the code he/she entered. If not, the driver should discuss with the navigator. Pair-programming might not be as fast as solo programming, but the resulting code should be cleaner and contain less bugs.


I really enjoy the life at Hack Reactor. I am ready to learn more!!

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