Coding Bootcamp & Why Hack Reactor

Image Source: Hack Reactor

Image Source: Hack Reactor


From my previous post, you know I am going to a coding bootcamp called Hack Reactor. However, how do you find a right bootcamp that fits you? Before I applied to any bootcamp, I researched through Google and Quora to find people’s reviews about bootcamps. There are also websites that collect bootcamp information by city, focus, reviews, etc. Here are the websites I know: Bootcamp Finder, Bootcamper, Switch Up, Course Report. Jeff’s blog post, How to Compare Bootcamps, also helped me decide my list of bootcamps to apply.

After reading all these materials, I finalized my application list to four bootcamps: Hack Reactor, Dev Bootcamp, RocketU, and Coding Dojo. These bootcamps are all located in San Francisco (Coding Dojo is in Mountain View), and seem to have good reputation.

What I cared most about: curriculum, job placement rate, faculty and staff support. These four bootcamps focus on different fields, so deciding between them might be hard if I got accepted to all. However, Hack Reactor has the highest placement rate (99%) for graduated students. From the application process, Hack Reactor’s required study material and tasks are also the hardest. If I decide to quit my job and learn as much as I can in the 3 months, I would like to be in the best and toughest bootcamp. Therefore, I applied to Hack Reactor (and other bootcamps) and…well, long story short, I was accepted (More detail will be in the following post). This means I will be in the February 2, 2015 cohort for the 12-week intense bootcamp, and get trained to be a full stack developer! Hoorray!


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