2015 New Start: Back to … Coding School – Hack Reactor

I haven’t written any blog post for a while and now it’s 2015 already! I can’t believe time flies so fast!! There are lots of changes I faced in the end of 2014, and in 2015 I will have a totally different lifestyle.

The biggest change is I am going back to school…well sort of. It’s a coding school(bootcamp) called Hack Reactor. In the second half of 2014, I felt I wanted to learn programming in a more systematic way. Therefore, I researched all kinds of possibilities like CS master program, CS undergraduate, online certified classes, Udacity CS master program, etc. The biggest concern I had was the time it will take. Quitting my job to study 2~4 years seems a little terrifying for me. In addition, I want to learn while doing lots of practical projects. Some of the programs seemed as if they would only focus on the theory part.

Coding bootcamps caught my attention several times. In fact, I first knew about this concept in late 2012. I even had email correspondence with Hack Reactor’s (it was called Catalyst then) founder Shawn Drost, discussing how their bootcamp works. At that moment, I just started my self-pace learning and was not sure whether or not I would be in the software industry for my entire life. Two years later, I understood that I wanted to be part of the tech revolution and make a difference. Meanwhile, Hack Reactor gained very high reputation. famo.us CEO, Steve Newcomb, has referred to Hack Reactor as “the Harvard of coding schools.” So I applied to Hack Reactor and luckily got accepted to this renowned 3-month intensive program.

That’s basically what happened to me in the end of 2014. In 2015 mid January, I will quit my job and move to San Francisco. Lots of things need to be arranged, but I am very excited about this change. Life is full of adventures and I would enjoy every moment of this journey. Goodbye Washington D.C. Thank you for the wonderful two-and-a-half year experience. I will never forget what I saw, heard, learned, and experienced here. Hello San Francisco, I am ready to be challenged and pushed to the extreme. 2015 will be an awesome and unforgettable year!

P.S. I will post how I researched bootcamps, how I prepared, and everything you might be interested to know about bootcamps soon.

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