My 2nd Brain- Evernote

Have you ever faced these kind of situation in your lives?

  • You read a good article and want to take note of it.
  • You draft an idea for project/homework/work and need to re-edit a lot.
  • You are planning for traveling/working/to do.
  • You wish to store all your relevant documents in the same place for easy comparing.
  • Just have a thought and need to record your thoughts (handwriting, audio, or video).

I used to save my files in word documents, but the file management is so hard. I can’t find the material I want in a short period of time once the number of my file exceed a certain amount.

I also tried to send good articles to my gmail since it’s easy to search and the volume of gmail seems big enough. However, it’s hard to edit a saved file since I need to reply and send it to myself again.

Finally, I found Evernote! Evernote is a user-friendly program to save your notes in one place. I created notebooks like “Programming learning,” “Good quotes,” “Become a better software engineer,” “Travel,” “Investment,” etc. Inside each notebook, I can create new notes and edit my old notes without searching here and there. Even greater, using “Evernote Clearly”, I can save good articles I read online. The mobile version also allows me to record photo/audio to my note.

After using Evernote, my life became easier to manage. I write almost everything in my Evernote. I can check my Javascript learning note and add my thoughts to my pet project note in a second. I collect a lot of good articles I read online. I set lots of reminder for upcoming task/goals. Once you try Evernote, you will feel how powerful it is. Basically, Evernote is my second brain and it improves my productivity. If you haven’t used it before, you definitely need to try it out!

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