Music for Software Engineers

Recently I discovered a very good music source for me to concentrate at work. It’s called “Elmnts.“ Elmnts is a Chrome extension that provides 6 different sounds

  • Rain
  • Fire
  • Forest
  • Water
  • Coffee Shop
  • Ocean

Once you download it, you can play the music even offline. My current favorite is listening to forest and water sounds.

2014.12.07 update:

There is another product, “Noizio” that is similar to Elmnts. Noizio is a free Mac software that provides 8 sounds:

  • Coffee shop
  • Thunder storm
  • Rain
  • Fire
  • Tide
  • Wind
  • Forest (day time)
  • Forest (night time)

I think Noizio is better because it has more sound options, but basically both Noizio and Elmnts can fulfill my needs well.

Before Noizio and Elmnts, I alternated between Pandora’s “Relaxing station” and Spotify’s “music for coder.” However, after going through different kinds of background music, I have to say that I prefer natural sounds.


What kind of music do you listen to while you work? Please share!



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