Passage to Silicon Valley- 006 Chris Chang

Chris Chang is a little offended for not being interviewed as the first guest of Passage to Silicon Valley. ? Chris is a QA engineer (his official title is Quality Ensurance Specialist) in the Embedded Team at SolarCity. Chris studied Economy in college. He took only one CS class (which is amazing!) in his undergraduate. He happened to have a chance to work as an engineer after college and he then settled for that career. He likes his current job because otherwise he would need to dress up all the time (when I interviewed him, he was wearing a T-shrt, khakis, and basketball shoes).

Chris’s hobby is tennis. He plays tennis once a week. He used to play basketball a lot but now tennis is his thing!

For technologies Chris recommend, Chris likes his Samsung S7 Edge. He really enjoys using it and even looking at it (he doesn’t really use the edge of the screen a lot though).

Chris thinks everyone should play tennis! He says you don’t need a lot of training before you play against someone on the court. You can become good at tennis along the way.

The thing Chris recommends to improve efficiency is a wall to help you practice tennis. After practicing, you become more efficient when you get back to work. There are many scientific proofs that exercise can improves memory and thinking skills. Check here for one of the paper discussing it.

He thinks if people want to come to Silicon Valley, they should take the beginning level of tennis class. You might meet famous tech people that can help you and refer you to jobs in Silicon Valley.

Back to the working part, Chris thinks he learned most of his technical skills from trial and error and Googling while coding. He believes that people should learn and improve on their own.

Chris will send me the link to his page. The page is covered mostly with tennis stuff! Stay tuned!

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