Passage to Silicon Valley —003 Henry Ng

For the second interview, I’m happy to invite Henry Ng, a software engineer at SolarCity. 吳奉全  is Henry’s Chinese name (if you are wondering). He can speak Mandarin and Cantonese (and English of course).

We chatted about Henry’s decision to move to the Bay area from Canada, and about the differences he’s found between San Francisco and other parts of the world. He thinks people in SF are more forward thinking. People in SF believe they can change the world and improve society. He talks about how Canadians fit into the Silicon Valley. Visa issues and housing conditions are big concerns to almost every immigrant here.

Henry is a CPA and was an accountant before becoming a software engineer. He told us the story of how he decided to change his career from the business side to the software industry by comparing the pros and cons of being an accountant and a software engineer. If you’ve had a similar path or are considering changing your career, you should check his experience and thoughts about choosing between two careers.

Henry shares with us his love for basketball, and for the Warriors. He’s also passionate about education. He feels like the education system is broken at almost every level, and tells us his thoughts on how it can improve.

As a software engineer, he suggested using `One tag` to manage browser tabs. Also, learning development hot keys improved his coding productivity. One of the new technologies he’s excited about is Virtual Reality.

Here is the link to the new kind of university program that trains entrepreneurs mentioned in the talk:Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Program

Finally, if you want to find Henry, here is his public appearance:

Twitter: @henryng24

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